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Empathy towards your work is important. We might have heard names of many legends  such as Lamborghini, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Jimmy Choo etc. When one get famous it’s our mindset that whether he/she is because he/she is silver- spooned but the theory behind their success may diverge. Truth be told, you have to create more opportunities than you are handed in this world, and you have to design them with your own blood, sweat, and tears.  The effort, however, is well worth it.

Design never revolves only around clothing, accessories etc. The design itself is a selfless term which gets fit in each era.

How a farmer’s boy Lamborghini turns millionaire?

How a middle-class family boy from Kolkata is now a famous designer? Sabyasachi Mukherjee


What all struggle our legends faced and yes they do fail but they know how to stand and the result is in front of you.


“Reality is told, you have to create more opportunities than you are handed in this world, and you have to design them with your own blood, sweat, and tears.”


“The Field of Honor”

Famous most beloved car ‘Lamborghini’, do we know the inner theory regarding his success? Do we ever know Lamborghini BEGAN LIFE AS A FARM BOY?


Ferruccio Lamborghini began Life as a Farm Boy


How a farm boy became legendary in terms of the car?

How he faced such difficult time just to earn one name?


Come let’s scroll down scroll down and read some inner story about ‘Legendary car designer, Ferruccio Lamborghini.


Success of Lamborghini


Lamborghini was born in the small house. As a farm boy on his land-living, life was not easy. Even though he helped out on the farm, but his intense interest always was machinery. We all are familiar with the Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’, in which lead role is played by, Sir Amir khan (senior most actor of Bollywood industry). I resemble his character with Amir as we experienced that in real life Lamborghini use to take off machines apart and putting them back together same is done in the reel life of, Sir Amir. Lamborghini was so interested in how the machinery worked, he even built a metal casting shop in one of the barns on the farm. One day while casting his own parts for the farm kit, the barn blew up and nearly caused the family to lose everything the owned.


His parents saw how much he loved working with machines, decided to send him off to a technical school. Studies turned him so well that after completing his studies, he enters the Italian Air Force in World War II. There he worked as the main mechanic for the military vehicles.


After the war, Lamborghini got married. It’s interesting yet funny but he actually did so, while on his honeymoon, he saw numerous surplus military vehicles that were being sold as scrap. “Lamborghini cut his honeymoon short, bought a lot of war surplus vehicles and started a garage where he worked and rebuild these surplus military vehicles and make tractors out of them.”

“I started by building a tractor for my parent’s farm out of old war surplus vehicles I bought home,” Lamborghini said.


When the native farmers saw tractors that Lamborghini had built for his parents, the came observing for the same design. This is how he started his trade, but during his first two years of marriage, he lost his first wife during childbirth.


After rebuilding many tractors, Lamborghini becomes a millionaire. This is what made him the entrepreneur he became and begin a business life that would lead him to legendary status when it comes to luxury sports cars.


Life has many aspects, no one born to be famous it’s us who can do so. Jealous of other is not a good solution either get motivated. Do not be like them just never be ashamed of anything you do. Love your work people and the world will admire you.


Success diaries of Sabyasachi Mukherjee


I really want to be one of the brides who wants to wear his lehngas. But that’s our dream. How his dream turned wishes for many girls out there? Why he fought with obstacles and is now a number one designer? Let us honor him with reading his ‘Story of Success’


Sabyasachi Mukherjee comes from a middle-class family background of Kolkata. Sabya was never been supported by his father majorly for this field. He uses to have a huge fight but they keenly want him to be an engineer. Sabya was just fifteen when his father, Shukumar Mukherjee lost his job. Sabya was so into learning and design that he left his home just to study in NIFT.


Flashback everyone and think ‘No parents and No money’ how will you survive? But, he did. How? Just one sentence ‘his passion made him do that.’


As his parents refused to fund for NIFT, Sabyasachi sold his books just fill the form (entrance form) to earn money for that particular form. He cleared and got an admission. Life didn’t end there, he struggled and earn money for his fees with various ways such as:

  1. Giving tuitions
  2. Selling his old books


Mukherjee always says so, ‘I am a good marketer.’ What a line, he cleared many aspects from here.


Life is so unpredictable after his graduation his luck flipped and he started an amazing career. He got hired by many good designer, he got his self-studio, he named as amazing designer at many fashion shows, and finally he has his label. The dream is still on.


Remember this: Life is not that short just we have to look for opportunities and offers. Money is one of the way but domination is another way to achieving things.


There are many stories of many legends, which we admire a lot designers, entrepreneurs and etc. But fun is when we make us a ‘History’. Moreover, just be passionate about your dream and let people demotivate you take it as a challenge. Always remember whatever, a field you choose just success is the a big revenge.

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