“Style is a manner to say who you are without having to express.

I’m scared. I’m scared because I know exactly what happens with most of you. People ask me how I constantly stay so comfortable in short clothes in India. Some comments on my attire, that ‘she has so guts to wear such clothes. Duh? Is there any rules or regulation, or we need a gatekeeper to guide us that, what to wear or not? Why one cannot understand, wear what you love. Is there any directive or we need to get a stamp over something we need to wear? No. Forget the rules if you like it wears it.


But when I really think about it, being fashionable and being you, is not enough to get rid of Anthropophobia(shyness) from society, if you are being up-to-the-minute, then be confident enough to carry yourself in front squillions of people out there. Being you but not crossing your comfort zone, then growth will be nil. It’s the genuine understanding that you only have one life and a certain amount of time to undertake everything you want to do. Because of that, there are two major factors that can energy your motivation i.e. Greedy and Appreciation. You have to be greedy with the time you have lost behind and appreciated the time you’ve had.




When I say ‘being greedy’ I’m not talking about bad-natured. For instance, you impatiently want to purchase an attire but since you are an over-weight male/female you unable to get a size and all of sudden you have a look at good physique man or well-figured woman wearing that attire rather being green-eyed, be greedy to grab that dress. “Fashion is the healthful inspiration for losing weight.


Being wolfish for something you like, is not bad at all. Moreover, consider it as a victory that “you are finally greedy for something. Sometimes, shyness is not the case something else is burdening you i.e. being as a young generation I can figure out some major obstacles such as society, but the fact is that the world is going to be exactly the way it is, so decide wisely that whether you going to follow their footsteps or whatever big plans you’ve already made for yourself. In some cases, parents are also a major obstacle for some. For example, when your society says No to your style your parents might have already told you it’ll only be the one way to be safe is to, follow society’s footsteps but they don’t really know. They just want you to do what they think is best, which usually means avoiding big risks. But, what you need to recognize is that now is the time when you can afford to take those risks while including your parents into your likes and dislikes.




Every single moment people searches for how to get motivated. If you really want this, firstly be thankful for what you have. If you want the actual power to win, be thankful.


Appreciation is what has grown me through my hardest moments during my teen when I use to be healthy. Moreover, when I use to get bad comments on my figure from thousands of people around, I default to gratitude. Why? Because I recognize that even if I am in figure tomorrow, none of it would matter to me at all, this what happened to me today. You’d be surprised then how quickly I would stop giving a crap about those shitheads. It comes from a dark place, but it’s true. But eventually I learned one thing, their fun turns success for us. “Success is the biggest revenge.


Whenever you’ll decide to wear what you love just remember Dress like you’re already famed. Appreciation and greed be in the parallel form sometimes, for example, you visited in some party hall, dressed really well and no one appreciated you. Being a human I would be saddened, would be greedy to get appreciated by others. But I would love to contradict this give example, “Walk in such confidence whether anyone appreciates you or not, they won’t forget you ever. Never get dishearten with people views, whatever shape you are in Walk like you have four men walking behind you.


“Walk in such confidence whether anyone appreciates you or not, they won’t forget you ever.

Being motivated is all about your mindset, how you want to treat yourself. It’s the understanding that time is your number one asset; you have to push yourself and start learning things from your environment and grow your confidence on the day-to-day basis. Consider yourself so grateful and be motivated and confident enough what you wear. It’s always not about the way you dress it’s always about how you present yourself in front of the zillions of people you surrounded with. If you ever feel you wearing wrong attire for the wrong occasion then, be confident enough to make the world follow your sense of attire onwards. Do right by it by being grateful for the time you’ve had and wolfish with the time you have left.


You have to make the most out of the one life you get. So start from your psyche and be confident. Walk in such confidence whether anyone appreciates you or not, they won’t forget you ever it might be considered dark for some, but it helps me stay motivated very easily. The greed of being eye-cached just due to your personality is a big appreciation you ever will get, whether due to your fashion or whether due to your scene of speaking but the basic thing be confident. Just show, the way you want to show others. Add some competitiveness to your life and drive. Because who really don’t know what tomorrow brings.


Grow confidence first, fashion will start following you. Complaining from your obstacles is the waste. Showcase your personality.

Appreciation isn’t everything—it’s for you, just search it. Remember: Fashion is dull without confidence; the world will be a shithead but if you gave them importance then you are the one who will face consequences.

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