Skin Tone Never Fades Fashion

That nightfall, I was casually walking down the street in Delhi, when I met her- a lovely Indian woman with dusky color. We greeted each other, thus, we struck a conversation. The first thing she asked me was, “I am black, do you discriminate too? To reply to her question, I first smiled and then acted a little cool while adding, “Why are you are so obsessed with lighter skin tone and if I talk in terms of fashion black is beautiful, fashion grows in black in my context.


I’m scared, why don’t you all understand everyone is beautiful. The basic portion is that before society, you discriminate yourself. I hell remember how beautiful that lady was looking in her beautiful color and that steal-colored gown, she surely made an effort to dress up like that.


“Color never fades your fashion. We all are interrelated, no matter, what skin color, sexual character, sex or religion we hold. We all like rosary beads. Our reality is depended to the rest, if one bead falls apart, the rest of us will do too. Our personality is not our color, neither A dress asks your identity before you buy it. Fashion is in your hand, not on your skin. The way you see the world is wrong to start watching the world with correct eye i.e. beautiful. If I talk about a famous personality ‘Bipasha Basu’ she is dark but a fitness ambassador too, how? Because she finds herself beautiful in what she is. “Fashion certainly not examine you to be fair enough to appeal it.


“Racism is one of the worst things that happened to our human race. It has brainwashed many to focus on complexion instead of one’s personality. The basic essential thing we all should know the story about each color. Let’s talk about what looks best with your skin color. Color and complexion are pretty important topics we haven’t discussed much here.


Before granting you a ‘Color knowledge’, let’s discuss why “Attitude is greater than Fashion and why Fashion is greater than Color. The first situation is, while you are walking on a ramp with zero confidence, will your dress will identify your personality without any attitude? No. The second situation is, what if you are black and walking confidentially with full of glisten in your eyes. Will your dress will identify you? Yes. People, hardly matters, what skin color and sexual character we hold, what matters is your attitude in context with fashion. Let’s discuss how fashion relates to skin color.


How Fashion Interrelates with Skin?


Ignoring your color, Really? Rather turn loving it. There is certain understanding which we carry with our skin tone. ‘Always white’ Nah! Experiment with your dark tones too.


For example,


1)  if your complexion closely resembles with Robert Pattinson, focus on warm khaki colors, i.e. peach tones, red, bright blues and greens. Try to avoid: Black and white. The stark contrast is too much for your skin and will only highlight the lack of color.

2) Let’s say you have the color of Bradley Cooper. Pastels look best on you. Think baby blue, light pink, lavender, pale yellow. Neutrals also look good on you, such as a lighter beige and heather grey. Try to avoid: Really striking or primary colors. Also, too much deep, dark color can wash you out. Stay away from all black or all navy.

3) If you have more olive or tan skin like Zayn Malik, try warm colors such as rich browns, orange-yellow, olive green, deep reds, and purples. Try to avoid: White and black, pastels, any kind of faded color. These don’t work well with your complexion.

4) Lastly, let’s say you have a complexion like Will Smith. Dark colors look great on you like black, dark grey, and navy. Rich deep colors also look decent. Think sapphire blue, royal purple. Bright white and pastel colors look great as well.

Sure being good at your job is really important, but in acting, so much of the decision’s already made the minute you walk in the room because they’re like, ‘His hair’s good or she got the right skin color’ or whatever. It’s so random, but it’s so physically oriented. Moreover, wear what you like too but, yes do keep the variation of colors in your mind. Knowledge is important when it is correct. Fashion always never revolve around clothing it also consists of many more elements like our skin tone and attitude. If we put our attitude, clothing and use our skin tone perfectly in weighing with these two elements then, we perfectly are engaging with our word ‘Fashion’.


Fashion certainly not examine you to be fair enough to appeal it.


Style values when you create yourself. It has no link with your skin tone or sex you hold. You should develop fashion rather fashion develops you. People out there may criticise your tone but a real protagonist is who, “fascinate their criticism and face them confidently.” Why do we need to answer everyone about our color? Why we certainly get break down easily? To reply to this questions, I have no words just grow up society. People, fashion is not something which fades due to skin color it embraces if you are the black love it and gives a damn to such folks who have zero right to your living. Remember my words, fashion have nothing to do with your skin tone, it’s you who think undesirably hell bad.


Remember this: Just use your skin tone as a bow and fashion as an arrow. Flush all bad energy with your arrow and keep all positive energy as a support like a bow.


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