I am a Girl Now


Yes, I am the girl, who laughs, cries, dresses, wear jewellery, read and write. You can’t stop me now BECAUSE I AM PROUD GIRL NOW. I am not weak I just am figuring out who I am what you treat me or what I treat myself.


“Here I position, one girl, among many, I speak not for myself, so those without a voice can be heard.


LAUGH because you are a girl …

Laughter is the best medicine for every stress we heard this but many have forgotten so what are you waiting girls shoot orthodox mind with your loud laughter. Step outwear any brand of your choice without fear walk down a street whether it’s a night or a daytime just remember laughing out loud though the public can hear girls are endangered nowadays.


Never pretend to be strong be strong. Looking down makes one low held your head high and help though one can smile through your laughter. Wearing Party dresses, accessorising myself with Voylla makes me enrich. Never wait just do it!


DRESS because you are a girl….

Why is dressing inappropriate? When the day will come where one will say skirts or short length is of your word.


Luxuries, it is a necessity. If you stop decorating yourself how you will adorn your world? Why too afraid from people out there if you won’t take any action for being you people will kill you. Apparently, boys are not raping you, you are raping yourself and proving them right. Be who you are, do what you like to, stay where you want to, wear what you love.


Wearing ZARA OFF SHOULDER and accessorizing from VOYLLA, either for any casual dining or for grant presentation or maybe so and so occasion that represents my joy. What represents you?  Decorate yourself whether it’s from a vintage collection or local store either luxurious collection what matter is how to put up things!

Don’t wait until it’s too late!


READ because you are a girl….


Read, write is not only our right it makes one stronger. This made me remember of ‘Belle’ from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ she loves to read but people calls her ‘Dazed and distracted’ because she reads. That time was challenging but what now? It’s a learning it is our thing! Why is one stopping reading an adult novel? Why one always have to read what is ruled by a teacher? Where is interest is being lost in everyone’s life? These question can only be answered by you.


Reading anything whether it is apart from your study also have a teaching. For example, I am reading a novel ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People by the author named, Dale. I am reading to learn. Why people stops a girl child to read it is not a big question. The question is why we stop ourselves. Why can’t we fight? Every learning from whether it’s a learning of alphabets or it’s about intercourse, it is learning. Whether it’s primary section or a higher education everything is here to learn. Whether it’s a part of a banner, it is a part of learning. So learn, read and write because not you have to but because it is a learning and yes, you are a girl.

Why is it necessary?


I am a girl, who craves, who dresses, who cries, who accessorizes, who reads and writes. I ama girl that’s why I am doing this NO! because I love to do so. One day I questioned my father,why I have to cross all these paths? He answered me because one day you have to turn the woman,it may be possible you will turn in your teens or maybe after 30 or if you didn’t whether you are forty, my child, I promise who will be a girl, not a woman. It is not the necessary thing just “Do what you love and never limit yourself whether obstacle enters be a fighter,my daughter. unnamed6 I request you to complete these dots (Why you have to complete all stages because……….)

Complete Your story I did mine i.e.



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