How to Be Rich

Before I state measures for richness, one should understand the pathway to richness. How to be rich in the language of fashion. Why do we say everyone is rich deprived of having money? Because we all are the same but qualities differ. We need to find out our strengths and weaknesses before jumping into any conclusion. “One mistake will change our life and one correct alleyway will build us.” We all are having same senses but how to practice them is up to us.


When people say ‘Fashion is not the way to turn rich’. I laugh as everything is interconnected to turn us rich. For example, suppose I am one of ‘The member of Board’ in and MNC say, Wipro and there is a board meeting. Moreover, I dress really shabbily, so is this is the admiration to our company assembling for a Board meeting. Does fashion doesn’t matter? Calculating every aspect, I state ‘ten measure or pathway to being rich’.


1) Don’t be scared to Scream

Sometimes, I use to think life changes really drastically, “when I was a kid, I have no one to help me into the pool during my self-practice of swimming”, says Sara, who learned initially on that she had to stand out in order to succeed and survive. “My dream was to move to Paris and be a famous fashion designer.

I remember my old days when I was in college and pursuing ‘Bachelor in design (fashion)’ I use to dress crazily and people around me use to laugh and do stupid stuff but I give a zero importance to them. So with two suitcases and a sewing machine, Sara made the move to Paris. Just one move towards your dream will help you to achieve your goal. So don’t be scared to stand out.


2) Be Social

Being an intern is one of the other ways to stay connected with people out there, especially at bigger companies but, they will not provide you this facility to have a good connection it’s you, who have to manage their own connections. But those who never been intern still are successful. How? Because of ‘speaking skills’. Everyone is free to make connections some are silver-spooned and some ordinary but, a connection is something we can grow via two important mean i.e. communication and fashion.

Is fashion help in making connection? Yes, of course. Fashion is a one of the mean to be socially connected with the second party, How? For instance, I am a general manager and there to attend.


3) Emphasis on your own goals, not someone else’s

Social work is greatness and goals are opportunities. “I just assume, if I continue helping others, I would rather effort extra hard and make my dream happen.”

The basic mistake we all do and which is super popular in each and every generation i.e. “diverting our mind.


4) Dress everyday like it’s your last

Dress like you never dressed before. It’s so refreshing when you dress like a princess and walk in a city, everyone over there is staring at you as if you are a star. Under that condition, you work more. I don’t get some people if you want to go to eat street food and wants to wear backless then, why not? Why we always have to look society. Moreover, why we give a damn to those who hardly matters? Can’t we recreate a new era? I am speechless. People wear what you love, it will change your day. Moreover, maybe it will result from something productive.


5) Do one thing every day that carries you keener to your target.

It’s so creative if we do one thing which will polish our goals. Do one thing every day that carries you keener to your target. “Then ultimately you’ll do binary, and then five, and then ten and then a thousand and it just kind of expands.” Basically, respect your goals then only your goals will respect you. Sometimes, we set multiple goals and unable to fulfill one, let’s not try to figure out everything at once, it will soon expand day by day.


6) Have a good sleep

Go ahead, snooze!

Sleeping should not be your code of conduct it should be your priority. Sleep makes you feel better, but it does help us in making our goal successful guys. As we know sleeping keep our face glitterier and beautiful. For example, your face is moving dully will you really be able to focus on your goals? No! “Guys our inner beauty is important but outer beauty does matter.” As we stated above that ‘dress every day like it’s your last’, same goes with our face.

Satisfactory sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and can advantage your heart, weight, mind and goals.


7) Start loving yourself

Before loving your goal start loving yourself. It’s really is important even a major component fulfill our goals. When some people degrade your activity, it’s important to shut their mouth and love what you did.

Remember, It’s bad when they don’t treat you right, but it’s sad that you continue to permit it. Let today be the day you love yourself enough to say, NEVER AGAIN!


Bottom line: I don’t care how many people see something, “I care about how people see something.” Excellence over a number. Spread does not equal value and followers count doesn’t mean people are listening. We need to stop focusing on adjusting the number of views and instead focus on making each one of those viewers’ care about your brand. As, at the end of the day, that’s the only way you’ll energy result to your end goal.

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