Getting the indo-western look with AJIO!!

Indo-western with Ajio!!

People stop refusing traditional sense of clothing just mix it with western and create indo-western.



The coming outfit reflects the exquisiteness of Indian clothes and western sense. ‘Dhoti pants’ comes under traditional clothing and a perfect simple ‘Black Camisole’ falls under western clothing.



Dhoti pants

Charcoal Grey Featuring pleats and layers, this pair of dhoti pants is a marvelous interplay of traditional aesthetics and contemporary grace. AJIO did a great job the layers are so beautifully managed that whenever we do sit it never get shabby. Moreover, the cloth ‘Viscose jersey’ is so comfortable to be worn in summer or during Spring.


Strappy Cotton Camisole with DUPATTA


Tailored from soft cotton fabric, this camisole featuring detailing is synonymous with comfort and style. I carried it with a random ‘fancy dupatta’ in a black shade which highlights the beauty of outfit named as ‘Indo-Western’.


Isn’t it perfect to carry each style in one dress?




Amazing ‘Straps Platform Belly-Shoe’ it’s stiffen charmingly even sole is so relaxing to walk in. The outer structure is so warm and cool that it will go with any outfit whether it’s Indo-Western or tees. It’s neither a hell nor a sneaker. SSS did a great job as “it wore by chic in a town or a sports person in a ground.”


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SS Store gives you different pattern of shoe. The variety of different colours and even patterns lift up each dress. It honour us with formal shoes, fancy heels, platforms and etc. SSS is a perfect cost E-Commerce shopping website for different variety of shoes.

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