Flying colors for Fashion Rain

Flying Colors of Fashion rain has its own Madden definition which explains ‘fire in fashion during rain.


Rain is a firing device which leads to the nippiest fashion. If I stood up talking about styling during rain it includes shorts, tees, demines dresses, slinky maxi, drop-waist dresses etc. Therefore, people with such a taste always find something different. Now, what is different? Different never only means unique it also has a pinch of attitude to carry a style that is different. Being different is not a big deal but handling to be different is. There is a popular saying ‘Be You’ but the actual meaning of being you is to be DIFFERENT.

“Fashion which won’t kill rain rather enjoy its beauty of getting partial sun rays.


My first outfit is such like the last quote I stated. Driving yourself with shorts which almost everyone does but, giving it a feel of rain how magical your summer will turn then. IMAGINE!


Beautiful denim with ripped style getting the feeling of a raindrop on plus a sparkle over your top with blue and white stripes together getting a mix to make you look more amusing and shine fully. These legs aren’t a show off they are feeling cold breeze near you. Moreover, let your heels get mix with a rain mud to get a touch that ‘what rain actually is’.

An umbrella is too much away because it wants you to get in the mess which God has just created. Moreover, listen to the song of these droplets from a womb of a cloud just to get a flashy smile on your face.

The perfect ‘Wet Girl’ in Elle costume is looking as if a mortal body who will never get ill in this rain fire.

“Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again.


Rain, rain come again…. I am missing few lines but they mean the same.
We got one curse that they never follow our wish, they will flow on their own risk. My next outfit and a pose define a wait for the rain on a running road. Therefore, wait won’t be a waste because few days are still there in the rain case. Rain droplets are not for sorrows they actually are here to vanish your tears into a wide eye which is a metaphor for a wide lip i.e. to smile.


The crazy off-shoulder with a print all over it and the sprinkle of blues, which is again defining me as a rainy minion. Moreover, white tight fits pants are working as a signal for them that we are still here waiting. I am a perfect ‘rain girl’ in this Missamore outfit who is waiting for one droplet to touch her collarbone and to energy her once again.


So, I call you again rain, to give me again a life of joy and to even stop all uneasy activities which are causing me pain inside-out. So I praise this whether with a thunder outfits to be a symbol of rain.


I will come again

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