Best Boot you can buy for 625 rupees

Everyone love to do fashion during February “love month” but with right attire and shoe, a pair is important.

It’s absolutely not easy to decide, which is why we’re giving you clearest possible answer to every “fashionista” solution regarding their winters boot.816fM6uS+DL._UL1500_

A comfortable and beautifully designed ‘Velvet Pair of Boots’. The charm in that boot is such as a musical journey with your love one.

Before you start your Valentine date regime, you need the right pair of boots to help you succeed.


Removing Special Stains

An easy to apply the waterproof treatment that softens and protect the velvet cloth without compromising their breathability. Wipe away the excess mud without pushing too hard against the suede, then leave your shoes to dry in a sunny spot. Once the mud has hardened, you should be able to break off the larger chunks with your hands. Then use a suede brush to break off the remaining dirt particles.

Get at ink before it sets if you spill ink on your kicks, grab a towel and dry to spot it up quickly. If it sets, the stain off with sandpaper. A cotton ball with rubbing alcohol can also help in these dire circumstances.

Therefore, Nell Women’s Velvet Boots, is beautiful and durable boots in the market, balancing light weight and a glove-like fit rugged performance on road. Buy it now on amazon using the link below on special discount.


So let’s click on “BUY NOW button” as the most protective and even durable boots will soon run out of your hands. So, buy it now!!

Pleasant Velvet Boot and Cost effective. Moreover, Lightweight and super durable, between the good price and the best part is you save more money as it’s 70% off.





1) Looks Great: they look really good & go with a lot of clothing.


2) Lightweight: They are very light on your feet and great for casual wearing as well as party wearing too.


3) Value for Money: It’s hard to get a better boot in the price range.


4) Comfortable: The sole helps your feet to stay drier and even no pain in walking after covering lots of distance.


5) Durable: they’ll usually last you a long time if they’re real & they’re pretty tough.



1) No this is not a waterproof.


2) Cannot use it for snow.


Material: Velvet

Lifestyle: Casual and party wear

Heel height: 1.75 inches

Product warranty against manufacturing defects 30 days.




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