December 19, 2016

About Us


Sanya Bhardwaj About her Blog

Sanya Bhardwaj is a new face in the world of blogging. The basic Idea of blogging is to make people realise their potential, their strength, their capability, their choice of fashion etc. Basically, Sanya wants to convey those three magical words that you gonna die do something before. If you Like it then Grab it, do not wait for something. Make yourself versatile.

For example: If an XYZ person is a fat lady but yes she wants to wear a tight fit gown rather than making fun of her help her, this what I want to promote. Moreover, people who are under dark, my blog surely gonna help them.

Nowadays, people are suffering with a serious problem called as tension, Why? For example: I am fat what should i wear? I stammer? I really think of people those are speaking shit?  I have good dressing knowledge but yes no confidence to carry forward, what to do? etc..etc. Hold on! give your self few minutes and think, what if you gonna die today itself, then what?

My life

Sanya Bhardwaj is born in India.The entire family lives in Delhi, India, her father runs a business of electrical in Delhi, India and her mother is a homemaker. Sanya is basically a teenager who is pursuing Bachelor in Design(H), thought of writing blogs and make people know the actual meaning of the word FASHION.

Nowadays, social networking is a medium of transporting information through text, audio, video and graphics across the world. Sharing my snapchat so that you can catch my words anytime.




I participated in many debates in my school days. Moreover, i am a dance lover. I consider myself a good orator. It’s my believe that I can deliver good speeches though I will start my YouTube channel very soon. An orator is not a person who delivers or can speaks better, but a person who makes the third person enjoy what you say. Under my dictionary, I never kept few words like “I wish I could”.