3 Street Style Looks which can entertain you

Street style is the fashion store which everyone can have. Pathway-style is not only to be like to have the street personality it is to be ‘like you’. Street-style in my words is not a fashion it’s just being you. When I wore multiple things which are defining me and especially bringing stuff while being free-minded is something street style. Fashion which makes you is street-style.

Streets are Real Runway.

model on street 2

This fashion is fashion that is well-thought-out to have emerged not from studios, but from the popular streetwear. Pathway fashion is generally associated with youth and is most often seen in major urban centers.

#Banjara Looks

Banjara looks 1


My very first outfit named as a ‘Banjara looks’. This outfit is self-defined, a taste of street yet being yourself. This outfit is carried everywhere whether it’s a pathway, or a house party, maybe at a social party. Basically one should be free to move with their style that it what a ‘banjara’ is.

banjara look 2unnamed


A perfect outfit is flawless only when it is styled with a proper sense. This outfit is carried with a tube-top from ‘Calvin Klein’ styled with a Ripped legging from ‘Zaful’ and lastly a kimono from ‘Shoppers Stop’.

#Model On Street



Girl with a polka on her dress sitting like a pathway person and finding to grow her inner-self. This particular outfit I called as ‘Model on Street’ because though it is a dress but further carried with a headgear and completes as a pathway-look. Every outfit has its own story though this outfit has multiple stories it can be carried in a part style either walking in pathway style. This outfit complete one as a street look person.



A perfect outfit only success when it is selected with a perfect picture-place. Polka-dress with white and black polkas is brought up by AND clothing. Moreover, cropped jacket of jeans fabric by AJIO and Carried with sneakers from KOOVS.

#Moving in Street

moving in street 2Moving in street 1

Pathway fashion is something which is emerged from grassroots streetwear same as this ‘Moving in Street’ fashion. This outfit is named as a ‘Moving in Street’ because this outfit moves with street more or less  this outfit has its own language of the street. Moreover,  this outfit depicts the background where we standing. Therefore, this outfit is named as a ‘Moving in Street Outfit’.

moving in streetstreet


This outfit is carried with an informal shirt from AND clothing. Moreover, clothed with Ripped-Pants from ZAFUL and ended with sneakers from KOOVS to give a street look further carried with Headgear.



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